Botanical Collections of Belarus

Herbarium of vascular plants of the Institute of Experimental Botany of the NASB (MSK)[photo]
Collection status:National Heritage of the Republic of Belarus
Name of the Institution:Institute of Experimental Botany
Address:220733, Minsk region, Minsky district, Minsk, .  27
Head of the Institution:Laman N.A.
Phone:375-017- 2842015
Curators:Tretyakov D.I. Skuratovich A.N. 
Caretakers:Parphyonov V.I.  Vynaev G.V.
Foundation:1922 year
Preservations conditions:satisfactory
Access to the collections:Yes
Belongs to:National Academy of Science of Belarus
Collection Maintains:herbarium sheets
Count:more 100.000
Description by:Tretyakov D.I.
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