Botanical Collections of Belarus

Herbarium of the Grodnensky State University by Janka Kupala (GRSU)[photo]| Presented: 2006.11.19
Name of the Institution:Grodnensky State University by Janka Kupala
Address:230015, Grodno region, Grodnensky district, Grodno, Dovators-street 3/1-145
Head of the Institution:Rovba Ye.A.
Phone:+375 0152 485 063
Fax:+375 0152 731 900
Curators:Sozinov O.V. Makarova N.S. 
Caretakers:Bujak A.V. Sozinov O.V. 
Foundation:1998 year
Preservations conditions:satisfactory
Form of Registration:inventory book
Access to the collections:Yes
Commercial use:no
Collection Area:Belarus; Carpathians; the Caucasus; Scotland
Collection Maintains:herbarium sheets
Count:near 5000
Description by:Sozinov O.V.
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