Botanical Collections of Belarus

Herbarium of Gomel Regional Museum

Herbarium of Gomel Regional Museum
Collection status:Музейный фонд Республики Беларусь
Name of the Institution:Gomel Regional Museum
Address:246050, Gomel region, Gomelsky district, Gomel, центр 
Phone:(0232) 539561, 536476
Curators:Ageev M.Z.  
Foundation:1975 year
Preservations conditions:satisfactory
Form of Registration:inventory book, registration cards
Access to the collections:Yes
Collection Area:Belarus: Zhitkovitchsky and Chechersky districts of Gomel region, National park Pripyatski
Belongs to:Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus
Collection Maintains:гербарные листы
Description by:Ageev M.Z.

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