Botanical Collections of Belarus

Economic plants (various kinds)

Commercially important plants of Belarussian Research Institute of Vegitable-Growing
Name of the Institution:Belarussian Research Institute of Vegitable-Growing
Address:223013, Minsk region, Minsky district, Samokhvalovichi, Kovalyova-street 2
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Republican genophund of flax| Presented: 22.02.2007
Curators:Bohdan V.Z.  
Foundations:1953 year
Name of the Institution:Institute of Flax of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Address:211003, Vitebsk region, Orschansky district, Ustye, . .
Head of the Institution:Golub I.A.
Collection Area:Russia: N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry (St.-Petrsburg), Research Institution of Flax (Torzok); Belarus: Regional Agricultural Experimental Stations
Collection Maintains:specimens
Addenda:including: sorts of flax Linum usitatissimum L. and wild species Linum hirsutum L. and Linum bienne Mill.
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Wild and vegetable cultures of the Republican Ecology Children Study Center
Curators:Pishchik M.I. Novitskaya G.A. Zemtsova M.N.
Foundations:1966 year
Name of the Institution:Republican Ecology Children Study Center
Address:220023, Minsk region, Minsky district, Minsk, Макаенка 8
Collection Maintains:taxa
Count:более 300
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