Botanical Collections of Belarus


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Daynieko N.M.
N.M. Daynieko
Time of work with the fund:from 1944

Djachenko N.G.
Nataly G. Djachenko
Time of work with the fund:from 1978

Domozhyrova V.D.
V.D. Domozhyrova

Dorofeeva I.A.
I.A. Dorofeeva
Time of work with the fund:1995-1997

Dubinich V.L. [Bibliotheca Botanica publications]
V.L. Dubinich

Dubovik E.A.
E.A. Dubovik
Collections:Herbarium of the Museum of Belarussian Nature and Ecology

Dubrova O.N. [photo][Bibliotheca Botanica publications]
Olga N. Dubrova
Collections:Decorative annual and biennial plants of the Central Botanical Gardens of the NAS of Belarus

Dvorak L.Eu.
Ludmila Eu. Dvorak
Time of work with the fund:from 1950
Collections:Herbarium of Belovezhskaya Pushcha vascular plants

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